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Waste Management Cleanani-Waste offers a holistic waste management solution to all of our clients. This includes on-site recycling facilities, document destruction (on & off-site), management of the waste as well as maintenance of hygiene standards and removal of waste from sites. This is done through our environmentally friendly chemicals used at all times whilst ensuring optimum levels of hygiene. Staff functions and quality control procedures are tightly controlled through the implementation of a highly developed quality matrix system, ensuring a clean and healthy environment. We offer the following in Waste Management Services:

  • Waste Removal
  • Recycling
  • Paper Shredding
  • Stats (Waste & Recycling)
  • Odour Control
  • Wheeled refuse bin Sales & Rentals

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Pest Control Our Integrated Pest Management program is based upon Implementation of preventative measures in an environmentally friendly manner. Our routine treatment programs are "pest species" specific and focus on the identification of the pest species followed by specific elimination treatments and maintenance treatment methods. Should the use of insecticides be necessary, they will take the form of systematic applications in the form of insecticidal dust, liquid residuals, liquid non-residuals, baits, non-residual insecticidal gas or insecticidal thermal fog, all of which will be expertly applied throughout the various parts of your facility.

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Hygiene We offers a range of washroom service units that are maintained, serviced and replenished to give our customers constant peace of mind that the finer details of their washroom hygiene requirements are taken care of:

  • Sanitary bins
  • Air Fresheners
  • Toilet Seat Wipe Dispensers
  • Soap Dispensers
  • Hand-Towel Dispensers
  • Toilet- Roll Dispensers.

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Plant Scapers Cleanani Plantscapers offer professional landscape maintenance services which include hotels, resorts, residential estates, office parks and educational facilities. We provide extensive horticultural knowledge, strong people management skills and have extensive experience in managing contracts and meeting deadlines. Our company ethos encompasses customer obsession, reliability and speed and continuous improvement to our service to you.

Indoor plantscaping / “Indoor Gardens”
Cleanani Plantscapers offer extensive indoor plantscaping. We specialize in atriums, general office space, boardrooms and reception areas. Maintenance of only your existing plants; rental and maintenance of plants and planters. Outright purchase of plants and planters. We provide live plant specimens, silk plants, bonsai, Fresh flowers, vases, artificial plants & flowers and desk top arrangements. Our teams are fully equipped to service clients on a weekly basis and move around in modified vehicles.

Garden Installations & Maintenance
Essentially we offer a “turnkey” service which is twofold. The first being construction of a garden which includes anything from residential estates to office parks, hard landscaping including paving, water features and soft landscaping such as planting and irrigation installation. Secondly, we maintain everything that has been installed. We offer a “turnkey” service from design to implementation and then maintenance after practical completion is achieved. We liaise with landscape architects and existing clients to upgrade and update existing gardens. Our experienced team ensures timeous completion and the highest possible quality.

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Home & Office Cleaning Cleanani offers a 24 Hour service provided by carefully selected trained & reliable personnel with a high work ethic who are vetted & insured. We provide janitorial services and contract cleaning of office/residential complexes, industrial buildings, Retail facilities, medical offices, schools, hospitals, auto dealerships, fitness centers, restaurants and more. Our cleaning program is setting a new standard for measurably cleaner environments that help reduce the spread of illness-causing germs in business facilities. We have programs to fit your budget, our service include janitorial service, window and carpet cleaning.

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Car Cleaning Service

Exterior Care:
High Pressure Chemical Wash, Full Body Paint Treatment, Full Body Polish, Full Body Wax , Full Body Shine, Window Shine, Rim Clean, Tyre Sheen, Tyre Polish, High Pressure Engine Clean, Engine Treatment, Bumper Treatment, Common Area Treatment.

Interior Care:
Vacuum and Wipe, Roof and Carpet Clean, Upholstery Clean, Upholstery Treatment, Leather Treatment, Dashboard Treatment, Air Freshener

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House Keeping We prove an exclusive housekeeping service; Cleanani-Housekeeping understands the delicate nature of all the furnishings, fittings and flooring in your home. From your kitchen, bathrooms to all the other rooms our cleaning services includes: spring cleaning, dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, sanitation of bathrooms and kitchen, dishes, laundry and ironing, client specification included, maid 4 a day package

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Auxiliary Services
  • Window & Blinds, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
  • Kitchen Service
  • Tree felling, Toilet Hire, Rubble Removal & Roof Cleaning
  • Laundry, Dry Cleaning & Linen Rental
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